Electric Minds Easter 2014 – A Preview

Art & Culture

The Easter Bank holiday is upon us and we get to stick two fingers up to our mundane weekly existences for a couple of days and pretend that the nine to five drudgery that is our lives is just a painful memory. So what better way to enjoy these precious moments of freedom than to join together with our disco brethren and lose our shit to two of the best DJs around, Theo Parrish and Move D and also Electric Minds headman Dolan Bergin plus new EM signing Last Magpie? Nope – I can’t think of a better way either.

Electric Minds are heading back to the Studio Space in Wapping to help launch the Croatian summer staple that is Dimensions festival that sports line ups that can only be described as ridiculous (in the good sense).  The EM guys are very proud of the carefully installed Funktion One rig and newly purchased DJR400 mixer and so it seems that the sound quality on the night will truly do justice to these excellent DJs.

I should also add that Wapping is my favourite station on the London Overground Network.

“The next station is… Wapping”

Yep – it’s a big un!

Full details here

Joe Europe