Egyptian Lover, Detroit In Effect And More Heading To London

Art & Culture

For their next night time excursion, the folks behind Feelings are setting up for an Elecxploration. Clever, right? They're bringing levels of talent to London's Oval Space on 21st November that will have your jaw stuck in limbo between dropping to the floor and chewing your own face off.

They'll be joined by the seminal hip hop figure Egyptian Lover who has more than 30 years of experience bringing dancefloors to their knees along with electro genius Detroit In Effect who's making something of a 'limited edition' appearance in London. These two kings of the dancefloor will be joined by Feelings regulars Kasra V, The Menendez Bros and residents Ryan Winters & Karl Fuller and you've only got to part with a fiver to see the whole thing.


Feelings: Elecxploration takes place on 21st November at Oval Space, London – grab your tickets here.