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Ahead of his apperance at DONG this weekend, we caught up with Ed Gamble for his thoughts on Westwood, desk jobs and his worst gig at Jamie Oliver’s Feastival – I didn’t even know JO did a festival?!

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I hear you went for the job of Westwood’s producer. Is he – accidentally – the funniest man in hip hop?

It was to be his booking agent – I wouldn’t know the first thing about being a producer. Or about being a booking agent as it goes. I didn’t get the job, obviously. I actually have a huge amount of affection for Mr Westwood – and I’m not sure as much of his humour is as accidental as everyone thinks it is. But yes, he is a tit. 

Do you ever bump into ‘The Dog’ wandering the BBC halls, now that you’ve gained a level of notoreity?

Do you mean Tim Westwood? Because I think he likes to be referred to as The Big Dawg. And no, he is too tall to fit in the corridors.

Have you still got any of Westwood’s condoms?!

I had one, which I don’t have any more. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. (Water bomb fight).

What joke do you wish you’d written?

Most of Dan Antopolski’s.

What would be your rap name?

Mr Edward Stephenson Gamble Esq. Because if nothing else, what I would bring to the rap world would be stringent formality.

If you weren’t a comedian, what would you do? You do realise, presumably, that ‘Peacock and Gamble’ sounds like a law firm …

Probably just a desk job that frustrated me to the point of alcoholism. Either that or tennis.

Do you ever use the word ‘monetize’ in connection with your (Peacock and Gamble) podcast? If not, why not?

Well we don’t do it anymore – but we never considered ‘monitizing’ it. That’s never why we did it and it wouldn’t have persuaded us to carry it on unless it was for about a million pounds (or dollars). 

What’s the worst gig you’ve ever played, apart from the Westwood interview. And the best?

Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival. It was at 11.40 am on the huge main stage in front of seven people who were sat a mile away. I had to call them forward one by one and banter with them. Soul destroying. Still, I had a lively scotch egg afterwards. There’s loads of best gigs. Probably DONG on Saturday. (Don’t hold me to that).

What other rising stars on the circuit should we be looking out for?

Reluctantly, Nish Kumar (He is also in a great double act called the Gentlemen of Leisure). Also David Trent. Also me. Mainly me.

Tell us about your good friend Ray Peacock. How did you start working together?

He found me in a basket outside a brothel and nursed me back to health. After that it seemed natural to form a double act with him. 

Comedy is the new hip hop – discuss …

I wish it came with as much kudos as hip hop. My comedy is a fat man shouting. Hip hop is a fat man shouting but it rhymes. The rhyming is key.

And finally, what Hip Hop Karaoke track will you be choosing?

What? Is that a thing I have to do? If it is, I simply won’t be coming, so don’t bother putting any of this out.

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