Eat Your Own Ears And Second Home Present Chords Series

Art & Culture

Over the course of four Saturdays, starting on the 20th of June, Eat Your Own Ears have teamed up with East London's Second Home and War Child to present Chords, a new live series showcasing the best new music around.

Chords will take place in the Second Home Auditorium and will feature several artists with various backgrounds. The first Saturday, June 20th, will have Hejira playing, as well as EYOE Djs. Hejira are a four-piece London band partly named after Joni Mitchell's 1976 album and partly after the Arabic word for "flight or journey to a more desirable place." Hejira play progressive music with smooth blends of folk, jazz and classical tecnhniques. On the following Satuday, 4th of July, you'll be able to see Cairobi along with special guests. Cairobi, formerly known as Vadoinmessico, are a psychedlic-pop band. On the 11th of July Jagoule will be playing with Gwilum Gold and Dummy DJs. Kagoule consists of three members, one singer-guitarist, one bassist and one drummer. They play alternative rock. Finally, the last Saturday of the series on July the 18th will feature a very special guest that will be announced shortly.

Entry to this event is free with an optional donation to War Child.

Tickets to Chords can be booked here.