Dj Yoda & Soundcrash Set For Halloween Nightmare

Art & Culture

Though many of you probably haven't even finished planning your summer festival calendar, DJ Yoda and Soundcrash have announced plans for a big ol' Halloween party that's set the scare the pants off you.

They've acquired a special late night licence for the evening's spooktacular affairs so that you can stay up partying into the middle of the night to help ward off any ghoulish spirits that may have horrifying plans for you once you step outside Rich Mix. There are ste to be a number of surprises in store so you'd best keep your eyes peeled for any skeletons hanging from the ceiling or whatever other pranks the kids are pulling these days. DJ Yoda will be joined by Keep Up! Records DJs and performance artists to ensure that the evening leaves you with the feeling that you've been to something very special indeed.

Soundcrash & DJ Yoda’s Halloween Nightmare takes place (unsurprisingly) on 31st October, grab your tickets here.