DJ Bone and RADION team up for a series of multi-disciplinary events

Art & Culture

DJ Bone and Amsterdam-based club RADION have teamed up for FURTHER, a series of multi-disciplinary events taking place weekly throughout June. 

Launching last week with a debut edition focusing on Detroit Techno, the next event, which takes place on Saturday 13th June, will see Bone diving diving deep into another subject with “In The Beginning There Was…. a Journey Through Chicago House”.

The relationship between the two midwestern cities of Detroit and Chicago is well known. Both’s legacy in electronic music history is cemented for all time. The event will see DJ Bone take people on a journey through the music of these cities and the significance of the artists, labels and clubs that helped incubate this unique sound which then spread and influenced people the world over.

An intimate series, with only 30 tickets on sale and social distancing regulations in place, FUTURE presents something more than your average club experience, taking the form of talks, audio visual shows and listening experiences.

The series will be documented for release online laster this year but those attending the physical event will get the full personalised experience.

Tickets on Sale HERE.