Dirtybird BBQ… A Reflection

Art & Culture

Dirtybird Barbecue warehouse party can certainly go up there as one of the most talked about events of the year so far, even preceding its location announcement jaws dropped at the most outrageous Dirtybird lineup ever assembled on our shores and the sheer ingenious of devising a 15 hour party – though lets be honest, they couldn't have fitted all that talent into much less time. Throwing in a festive Easter Egg hunt for good measure was an equally apt feature to the event and one that suited the quirky avian loving label.

But what of the party 10 hours in? 

While it was certainly clear that the new Oval space housing the year's most anticipated event was not quite up to the task, the trustee Dirtybird junkies in attendance undoubtedly were – Despite long queues at bars that held no bottled water by just 1am in a room that quite honestly was probably paralleling the temperatures of a sauna.. in Dubai.. the crowd held their own and there wasn't a frown in sight. 

This is all owed, of course to the hip-hop meets electro-y-house bouncing beats that Justin Martin never fails to energise a room with. Playing tracks both old and new, it was impossible to remove the smile from your face as tracks such as Mr Spock met the more 'classic Justin Martin' sounds . 

Eats Everything held his own intro-ing with his own anthem 'Entrance Song' and taking us and a very involved bunch of excitably participating dirtybird crew on a journey through all things party – nineties house to the slow bass heavy sounds of tracks such as  Ignorance is Bliss, one of his and Claude Von Strokes collaborative efforts from the Hatched selection. 

Switching it up completely and in a contrasting, yet welcomed manner came French Fries, with some deep hard sounds, he was on his own journey and he took the room with him, most notably blasting out the sheer naughtiness that is his own Yo Vogue. 

Dirtybird Records… possibly the only label I can think to keep a sauna full for 15 hours and energies just as high. I salute you!

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