Death In Vegas Live + Andrew Weatherall, Richard Fearless & Stopmakingme DJs

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Death In Vegas Live
Thursday 22nd September 2011
w/ support from Andrew Weatherall, Richard Fearless & Stopmakingme
On Thursday the 22nd September, prior to a full UK tour, the Death In Vegas band will be performing a one off show in Room One. Showcasing tracks from their forthcoming Trans-Love Energies album, due out on September 26th through Drone Records, alongside classic tracks from their previous long players. The night will feature DJ support from Andrew Weatherall, Richard Fearless himself and Stopmakingme.

With all the shadowy enigma of Neu! or Throbbing Gristle, one of the most exciting and unique artists to emerge from the 90s UK dance scene, is making a stealthy return. Richard Fearless, aka Death In Vegas, cut some of that eras most unusual records, fusing electro, dub, rock, psychedelia, soul and solid-gone experimentation to create a sound that was spacious and other-worldly, while also segueing with the pop mainstream.

After seven turbulent years, which have seen him up sticks for New York, form a raw-power rock & roll band, and eventually move back to London again, Fearless is back as Death In Vegas, releasing his first record under that alias since 2004s Satans Circus. Called Trans Love Energies, it marks a return to his roots in minimal techno, deploying the rudimentary gear behind all the classics of the original Detroit/Chicago era to try and spirit up fresh atmospheres. Its the kind of eerie, nocturnal and often compulsively toxic record, which only Fearless could make, yet which feels thrillingly of-the-moment. His time is now, once again.


Thursday 22nd September 2011
Death In Vegas Live
w/ support from Andrew Weatherall, Richard Fearless & Stopmakingme

Doors: 8:30pm 3am
Price: 13 in advance

Date: 2011-09-22

Doors Open: 8.30pm-3am:00

Venue:  fabric
77a Charterhouse Street, 
London EC1