Buggedout! Announce New One-Day Event In September

Art & Culture

Roll up, roll up! BuggedOut! are launching a new September one-dayer in the seaside town of Margate.

The party-starting crew are in fine form – this year's January weekender (which we reviewed here) saw storming sets from the likes of Paranoid London, DJ Koze and The Black Madonna.

Their latest venture is BuggedOut! in Dreamland, which takes place 24th September in the retro setting of Margate's amusement park. The line-up is yet to be released, but we're sure you'll see plenty of the usual suspects.

What else does your money get you? Unlimited fairground rides, of course. And not unlimited like those pitiful "don't you think you've had enough?" food buffets – unlimited like "being sick after six consecutive goes on the helter-skelter" unlimited. So yeah, expect rollercoasters, arcades and even a 'scenic railway' for those who need a little bit of a breather from the mayhem. All the fun of the fair, etc etc.

Early bird tickets for BuggedOut! in Dreamland go on sale tomorrow (Tues 12 April) at 10am, from £25.