Bring It…A Preview of sorts

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Yes, it’s wonderful that people have started looking to the past for their sounds. 

It’s great that people are embracing the acid and keeping the original spirit of house alive through both their approach and their attitude.

I’m loathe to say that the new reverence the latest generation has found for analogue house, schizo disco and other, PROPER sounds, is anything other than an exciting phenomenon, but…
… sometimes it’s nice to leave it to the experts, yeah?

I’m not for one second suggesting that every fresh new instance of somebody posting a YouTube clip of an obscure track from the Desire back catalogue is necessarily the product of someone day-tripping in what has been a way of life for 30+ years for others.

Plus, even if that was my meaning, it’s still surely better that people excavate worthy gems from digital crates. At least they’re freeing their minds and asses (even if only briefly) from the largely homogenized dearth of RA friendly chaff that passes as dance music in the early 21st century…

However, please let us spare a thought for those who have been living, breathing and playing this music for their entire adult life.  The small few who, once having been bitten by the party bug, have devoted their life to their own self penned musical gospel, and who have not strayed from their chosen course even in the coldest of times, such as during the bleak mid-winter of the mid-noughties, when acid house was a dirty word to many.

Enter the Idjut Boys and Felix Dickinson, the veritable DJs who came in from the cold.

We jest of course, as neither the Idjut’s nor “Foolish” Felix have ever fallen from grace, but it is definitely true to say that while many have changed direction and chased the lustre of the next shiny new scene, these DJs have stayed firmly in dance music’s darkest, sweatiest basements, keeping their  heads down whilst playing “heads down” music.

Their stewardship of what they describe as “their special brand of weirdo disco acid infused music” is arguably one of the key reasons that your average hipster can peel back modern dance music’s cold dead outer layer and still view a healthy, heartfelt scene.

Even at a glance, you can look to the Idjut’s beginnings with their legendary U-Star Parties and label, their tireless gigging, their amazing original music releases and their remixes which have found themselves a bona fide place in the pantheon of modern classics.
You can look to Felix’s start as part of Brighton’s Tonka soundsytem (which counts former alumni that include this year’s catch-all poster boy Harvey), his releases as Bastado’s, LHAS Inc, Foolish and Sly, Dedication, Mythical Beasts, Das Etwas (we could go on… a lot), his old label’s like Ugly, his new label Cynic, his originals collection and more.

As custodians of PROPER house / acid / techno / Balearica (call it what you will, it’s really just GOOD music), these DJs have kept the fire burning and allowed for the palest of imitators to hitch their star to what is again, as in the late 80’s and early 90’s, the hottest sound on London’s dancefloors .

But make no mistake, all this time spent in devotion to their music has led to the crates that they dig being the biggest and deepest around.

With this in mind, Idjut boys and Felix Dickinson’s “Bring It” parties are something that are still genuinely worth getting excited about.

Proving that all you need is a dark basement, great sound and excellent people, the Idjut’s and Felix will be playing all night long, bringing it (see we did there?) East to the subterranean confines of Stoke Newingtons “Waiting Rooms”, formerly known as The Drop and birthplace of the UK’s love affair with A Love From Outer Space.

The party takes place on Thursday the 14th of September and we have 2 sets of 2 tickets up for grabs for the first and an the 31st person to simply email us the words “BRING IT” to the usual address!

Put this in the file marked “Highly recommended”

B Lears

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