Body Motion Bring Exquisite Corpse To London

Art & Culture

Body Motion are reanimating Exquisite Corpse, importing mystic rhythm conductors Robbert Heijnen and Tim Freeman to perform live in London next week. August 12th will see the Rye Wax basement in Peckham flooded with the echoes of ethno-trance. Dexterous machine music underpinning pulsating drones and hypnotic tribal percussion, with ecstatic war chants anticipated.

Exquisite Corpse formed tangentially from Megadog stalwarts Psychick Warriors ov Gaia, who will reform for a performance in Tilburg, Netherlands, at the Incubate festival in September. However this one-off opportunity to see Tim and Robbert’s side-project in London is one not to be missed.

Body Motion will also do a couple of hours at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch next week, Wednesday 10th, playing music more closely aligned to their monthly early-morning subconscious ramblings on NTS

Tickets are available HERE. Facebook HERE.

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