Birmingham’s Rainbow Venues Loses License And May Be Forced To Close Permanently

Art & Culture

Birmingham city council has revoked the license of The Rainbow Venues following the death of 19-year-old Michael Trueman, who died in hospital last month after taking MDMA at the club. As a result, the venue may be forced to close permanently following yesterday's hearing, although they will be appealing the ruling on the basis of incorrect evidence (presented via Snapchat) that a 15-year-old was allowed entry and found to be visibly under the influence during the same weekend.

In a statement posted earlier today, The Rainbow Venues argued passionately and eloquently against the decision to revoke their license, stating that "we can’t promise that drugs will not enter licensed premises; people go to extreme lengths to get drugs into venues, if they succeed over the border, prisons and even parliament, then they will find a way into a club. They are breaking the law. Are we?"

The authorities' prehistoric attitude towards drugs is costing us a safe and vibrant nightlife, and it's costing us lives. By all accounts The Rainbow Venues had stringent anti-drugs processes in place including CCTV, undercover security, sniffer dogs and random searches. And yet still people manage to find a way to get drugs in because, of course they do – people are using illegal substances in thousands of venues across the country every weekend. Revoking the licenses of conscientious nighclubs who go out of their way to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their patrons will only push the problem underground and lead to more deaths. Join us in standing behind The Rainbow Venues and supporting their appeal.


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