Big Sale Of Circuit Bent Keyboards In South London This Sat

Art & Culture

Our old mate DJ Tendraw – one of the world's leading purveyors of circuit bent noise assault- is finally moving house. After ten years spent in his South London hovel, he's amassed a vast grotto of circuit bent keyboards, drum machines, and kids toys, alongside a bunch of vintage synths, a few thousand weirdo records, and a whole load of arcane looking metal boxes which quite possibly open a portal to the X Dimension. And now he's selling the lot. If you're London based – or, even better, South London based, you can head down to his crazy circuit bending yard sale this Saturday, 30th July between 12-6pm on Waller Road, (near Telegraph Hill upper park) SE14, London. Hit him up on Facebook here for more info on what he's got, here's a few photos of what to expect… 

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