Berghain Hosts New Music Festival Pop-Kultur

Art & Culture

On August 26th – 28th, Berghain, Berlin will be hosting a new dance music festival, Pop-Kultur. But wait, this is more than just a dusty field with 50 feet stacks! With talks and lectures as well as exclusive concerts and performances, Berlin's famous Berghain will be packed to the top of its luminous rafters with music lovers alike. 

Wednesday night features artists such as Lapalux, Zentralheinzug of Death Des Todes and Novella while Thursday and Friday host a range of artists from Kane West, Daniel Miller, Cummi Flu and Dave Haslam. One of the best parts about this festival is that you can buy tickets for all the modules on one day or if you choose to, you can stay in one place and buy a single ticket for as little as 5€! This also makes a great way to compile your own schedule. Yes, we're there. 

26th – 28th August at Berghain, Berlin. Find out more and purchase tickets from their website.