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– Back to The Star tonight with guest Lola (Chrome Hoof/Spektrum)!

– Berlin: round 2

Holla all you lovely people,

We have 3 very exciting parties coming up for you including round 2 in Berlin, a rave in Efes Snooker Hall & The Star with guest Lola (Chrome Hoof/Spektrum)!

First of all tho check the latest Batty Bass podcast from Hannah fresh off the press while you read all that’s below:

BATTY BASS RADIO 20 by Hannah Holland

Thursday 21st April – TOMORROW!

Batty Bass return to The Star

for some Easter Bank Holiday delirium !

Alongside your BB residents Hannah Holland & Deboa, we have very special guest vocalist Lola (Chrome Hoof / Spektrum).

Lola fronts two of the most exciting bands to hit this city, BB favourites Chrome Hoof & Spektrum.

Spektrum smashed onto the dancefloor in 2004 with the anthem Kinda New, 2 albums down the line and one on the way, Lola also fronts for the mindblowingly brilliant band Chrome Hoof. We welcome Lola to the BB family for the night to ignite all ya batty pleasures!!

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Friday 6th May

Batty Bass are back in Berlin

for round 2 at Chez Jacki!

Last time was such a blast the crew have come back for more, with fellow label mates Mother Perera (Jahcoozi), POSH! The Prince alongside Batty Bass residents Hannah Holland , Mama and Deboa.

Mother Perera, front woman extraordinaire for Berlin’s finest mongrel electronic poly-rhythmic pop act, will be gracing the decks and mic with her own blend of batty bass beats.

POSH! The Prince is fresh back in Berlin from touring the world as Lady Gaga’s wing man! Bringing his hardcore psychedelic funk sound to the stage for some Re-Bokk Robot action. Expect the unexpected!

Hannah Holland, Mama & Deboa will provide the London via Berlin via New York soundtrack and live show to satisfy all your batty pleasures!!!

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