Barbarella’s Discotheque Announces ‘Adriatic Nights’ Series

Art & Culture

Just when you thought the long summer vacations had come to an end, you've now got the opportunity to treat yourself to a Croatia weekender packed with sunny days and melodic nights dancing under the stars with Barbarella's Adriatica Nights held in Pirovac.

If you don't already know, Barbarella's is the legendary open-air club, home of The Garden Tisno festival after-parties. Barbarella's Adriatic nights is a series of weekend events curated by leading local and international music connoisseurs who represent the vivid underground scene and worldly renowned artists.

In a grand series of independent Barbarella's events throughout August, you expect to be seduced by the tunes of French electrohouse minimal DJ and producer Ivan Smagghe, Stacy Pullen and Valentino Kanzyani, as well as a seminal 3-hour set from Carl Craig, one of the most important names of the Detroit’s techno scene. Barbarella's will also be celebrating 20 years of Wiggle with Terry Francis and hosting the world recognised Croatian techno icon Petar Dundov, Eddy Ramich, the owner of one of the longest running Croatian club nights Kontrapunkt, and local techno/house master Jan Kinčl Zero. Mark Broadbent, the Ibiza icon and ex-Musical Director of one of the world’s most famous club nights We Love… Space, is making sure all the tunes fit perfectly and assuring you greet the dawn with your hands in the air at Barbarella's Discotheque. 

The various line-up's throughout August are as follows:

August 4th – Ivan Smagghe, Justin Robertson & Jan Kinčl Zero

August 8th – Kenny Larkin, Petar Dundov, Dokser & Malandra Jr.

August 9th – Valentino Kanzyani, Ian F B2B Aneuria, Mariano Mateljan & Dub Sones

August 15th – Max Cooper, Petar Dundov & Dub Sones

August 16th – Stacy Pullen, Eddy Ramich & Borut Cvajner

August 22nd – 20 years of Wiggle with Terry Francis, Nathan Coles & Pyztek

August 23rd – Darren Emmerson, Pier Bucci & Sergej Snooze

August 30th – Carl Craig, Dub Sones & Miro 

For further info you can make the jump to Barbarella's Facebook.