Bar Dedicated To Retro Arcade Games To Open

Art & Culture

In news that will thrill aging boy-men everywhere, a new bar is set to open in Peckham dedicated to vintage Arcade Games. Trading under the name Four Quarters, the bar will offer all the usual features you'd expect  – craft beers, food and music, accompanied by a steller selection of classic video games. So far Four Quarters have announced they've got versions of Tron, Outrun, Street Fighter II, Star Wars Trilogy, Asteroids, Defender, Space Invaders, Pac Man, Point Blank and Sega Rally, all housed in their original, lovingly restored cabinets. Whether they'll be accompanied by that other 80s arcade staple – the aging pervert who smells of wee – remains to be seen.

Situated on Rye Lane, and set to open at the end of June, the venue is being started by Joe Dowling and Tom Humphrey – the duo have a bit of previous in this kind of thing, having founded the dedicated retro gaming store, Retro Game Base. "“We love old arcade machines" they say "These are classic machines, lovingly restored by people who care and set to one quarter a play – four quarters for £1."

More details over on the Four Quarters facebook.