Audiovisual Festival To Take Place In Hackney

Art & Culture

ArtFutura will take over Hackney Picturehouse from the 20th to the 22nd of October later this month. The weekend event will showcase current creative trends presenting the latest in 3D, motion graphics, experimental video and everything related to the new aesthetics. Tickets are now on sale.

See the listings below: 

FRIDAY 20/10/2017

7 pm

• PREMIERE ARTFUTURA 2017 (1h) The ArtFutura 2017 Premiere is usually presented on the opening night of the festival and includes selections of the best and most impressive of the program this year: Digital Creatures, 3D Futura Show, Futura Graphics, Artworks and Schools Futura. A perfect introduction to the new visual, aesthetic and graphic trends of ArtFutura 2017. + DIGITAL CREATURES (15min) with works by Can Buyukberber, Paul Friedlander, Chico MacMurtrie / Amorphic Robot Works, Sachiko Kodama Esteban Diácono y Universal Everything)

SATURDAY 21/10/2017

7 pm

• 3D FUTURA SHOW (1h) – Every year, the 3DFutura Show presents the most outstanding computer graphics newly produced. Including new animations by Julius Horsthuis, Brazen Animation, Zombie Studio, Veselin Efremov, Bjorn-Erik Aschim , Max Taylor y Kevin Roger. + FUTURA GRAPHICS (1h) – Digital animations and beyond: Shorts, virals, clips and others in the search for new aesthetics and languages. With works by Maël Gourmelen, Elberfeld Kreation, Martin Lapp, David Lewandowski, Taxi Films, Daniel Savage y Hannes Knutsson.

SUNDAY 22/10/2017

7 pm

• ARTWORKS (40min) – A section dedicated to the best in new media installations and multimedia works documented in video format. With works by Team lab, WOW Inc., Maotic, NOHlab, Refik Anadol, Miguel Chevalier, Didzis Jaunzems Architecture y Daniel Canogar. + SCHOOLS FUTURA (1h) A new section dedicated to the best new jobs from schools around the world. From 3D to special effects and motion graphics. Names like ESMA, ART FX, ISART, New3DGE, MOPA or Rubika are present in this first instalment of the program that will be expanded in future editions.

More details can be found HERE.

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