Arcadia Spider Set To Land In Bristol

Art & Culture

50 tonnes of recycled military hardware. When you put it like that it doesn't like anything to get too excited about. However, when all this hardware is turned into a GIANT MECHANICAL SPIDER then it's time to get your party shoes on, over-wax your hair and rapdily cure yourself of your crippling arachnophobia.

As part of Bristol's year as European Green Capital the aforementioned GIANT MECHANICAL SPIDER is heading home to prop itself up in Queen's Sqaure on 4th and 5th September for Arcadia's first ever city centre event which will fuse innovative music, circus, sculpture, special effects and a GIANT MECHANICAL SPIDER for a weekend of pure bliss named 'Metamorphosis'.

This is one multi-sensory experience not to be missed, especially because of the GIANT MECHANICAL SPIDER.

Check out the GIANT MECHANICAL SPIDER in full effect at last year's Glastonbury;

Did I mention the spider?

The line-up of artists will be announced in June, for more information click here.