Another Island

Art & Culture

Sammy Campari ( Campari Safari)
Johnny Goes West ( Double Happiness)

Friday, 10 February 2012
10.00 – 3am
The Baby Bathhouse/ 125 Church Street Cost

Oh! Signori e signore! It’s time for Another Island again…

A hot and steamy place of refuge, hidden away from the crowded and whistling streets!

Space lovers, disco hounds and hot blooded ones will be well rewarded for their patronage. Join us for another installment of our bi-monthly italo/ euro disco/electronic disco inflected night we might play some beaty pysche german rock and neu deutsche welle hits ( OH ICEBERG!) and some EBM as well to keep you on your toes and hopefully teach you some useful German phrases!

this time we are in the feted Baby Bathhouse of Stoke Newington – a real bassy space with a proper license ! (some of you couldn't get in in last time due to a very tight policy of last entry 11pm – very sorry about that ! )

however this one is free entry and without complications as we are all feeling the pinch and want a good night on the doorstep !

yes free free free free free free free free ! kein geld needed – no de nero !

Joining resident Sammy Campari ( last seen with his space brother Rob campari at Lasermagnetic NYE party at the hearn st warehouse taking the faithful into 2012 alongside Pete Herbert and Phil Mison of Reverso 68 … ) is Johnny Goes West ,just back from a mini jaunt round Shanghai, where he has been dropping his ecstatic
mix of disco and house to very appreciative audiences.

Headlining, we have Joe Europe of the notorious Ears Have Eyes crew. Set in various secret warehouse locations, EHE have led many a musical journey through psych-rock, funk, disco, house and techno always combined with trippy short films and experimental punch drinks !

The Ears Have Eyes party will feature punk / hacienda / pop culture as a whole writer legend Jon Savage playing tracks from his new compilation on Caroline True records! Apparently he’s a decent jock as well so we cant wait to hear him spin as England's Dreaming is a tome and a half – for more cultural artifacts dig this

Joe Europe the EHE leader of the pack has had
a busy 2011 so far with his track 'Smash and Grab' being featured on the 'We Love… Vitalik' compilation mixed by Jozif and Ryan O'Gorman and also further releases coming up on Falk Records and Vitalik Recordings. Joes next EP ‘Idiot Box’ is out in feb on Falk Recordings

Joes sets take in a wide variety of styles but is known to play smooth deep sets of chicago house and little slices of disco and dipping into techno waters when the mood takes him – we are asking him to take us into those weird waters so be prepared to make expressive dance shapes!

So escape the bleak and idiotic and come with us to Another Island !

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