Andrew Weatherall’s Photography Exhibition To Open Convenanza

Art & Culture

"The electric light made opal, the perpetual tobacco haze. The one grimy window let in a grey travesty of daylight"
(Leslie Paul "Angry young man")

A series of photographs documenting the infamous Scrutton Street studios (once home to 'The Axis') have been re-imagined by Andrew Weatherall and will be exhibited during the Convenanza Festival, Carcassonne, France later this month. The studio that he shared with Timothy J. Fairplay, Scott Fraser and others was photographed by long time friends Andrew Curley and Graham Sherman. Curley says, "Sherman and I documented the old studio as it was after 20 years of creativity and acid house shenanigans. We've probably got around 400 photos. The pictures are solely his interpretations of our originals, and we are very excited to have him 'remix' our photos and for them to be exhibited." The exhibition begins prior to the annual Weatherall Festival which this year features the man himself in several guises alongside Optimo, Silver Apples, Red Axes, Fumaca Preta and of course ALFOS.

The exhibition opens on 28th September 2016 at bloc G, Carcassonne. For full information on Convenanza Festival look HERE.

Ivan Smagghe's Editorial Note

"The proper renaissance man. Andrew's always been into everything and he used to do the posters for Wrong Meeting, which will be reactivated by R$N on October 29th. I passed him on the street the other day, he told me he was under the water because of this exhibition which is a good sign. We've got some litterature come music thing for 2017 that I'm quite excited but can't talk about yet. Great footnote to someone that doesn't need any. Can someone get me a coffee?"

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