Alfresco All-Dayer Heads To Shapes

Art & Culture

After the Alfresco party in Blackpool last month, they are taking the Alfresco 'All-Dayer' to London's Shapes for the first time. The event will take place on 4th July from 2pm til 2am. On the Outdoor stage there'll be shows from Nein Records featuring residents Jonah Considine and Tronik Youth. Guests for the day will be Sean Johnston of Hardways Bros and ALFOS fame.

On the Warehouse Stage there'll be just as good a line-up with Man Power and Crimes of the Future. There will also be Haules Baules, Terry Childs of Nibiru and Marc Hasler from Vanishing Point. So basically it's 12 hours of electronica, space disco and straight up acid house. Ace.

Alfresco's All -Dayer at Shapes is on 4th July from 2pm till 2am, tickets are available here.