Activia Benz To Showcase Label At Vault Festival

Art & Culture

On March 7th the Activa Benz label are taking over the labyrinth of old access tunnels and secret chambers that make up Waterloo venue The Vaults. Closing The Vault Festival, Activa Benz are curating a mix of forward thinking electronic music, veering between cutesie future-pop, garage classics, hip hop, grime, drum trax, and brand new post-acid beat scene weirdness. Activia Benz label boss & founder Slugabed (Ninja Tunes / Activia Benz)is going to be joined by like minded souls from Interscape and Tape Club – check the full line up below, and find more details and tickets over here:

Activia Benz DJs

Gunge (Interscape Records)

Slugabed (Ninja Tunes)

Toby Gale (Tape Club Records) 

Very Special Guest: TBA