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A Night With… interviews Heidi
Location announced for this weekend
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Ahead of this weekend’s intimate A Night With… Heidi, we caught up with the lady herself for her thoughts on moving back to London, her current tour and her new Jackathon album… to name just a few.

We can also now announce the venue for Saturday’s A Night With… It’ll be in the very excellent, low-ceilinged basement confines of Bar A Bar. This is the first time A Night With… will have visited Bar A Bar and it’s the perfect, intimate friends and family affair for Heidi’s homecoming.

Bar A Bar
133-135 Stoke Newington Road,
Stoke Newington,
N16 8BT
Advance Tickets 10 – 15

Advance tickets still available from:

The Ransom Note

We’ve also got an In New DJs We Trust show with guest Art Department to download for you… click this link to download

A Night With… interviews Heidi:

Hi Heidi, Where are you and what have you been doing today?
…i am currently in miami…just finished a 3 week tour of north/south and central america…..sat by the pool today and chilled out. Needed it severely as my body has taken a beatin…….all in the name of the rave!!

Youre moving back to London from Berlin and thisll be your homecoming gig, whats motivated the shift back yookay side?
Im so happy to be back. I moved back at the beginning of may but i left on tour a few days after. So i am looking forward to coming back and sleeping in my new bed that i just bought. The first one i have ever purchased. Thought it was time to stop living like the littlest hobo. Im just happy to be around what i call my family. I lived in london for 10 years before i went to berlin. I have a european passport and i always wanted to try and live somewhere else…..i did…and now im happy to be back. London seems so much brighter to me now that i went away for a while. It’s good to be home.

Describe your perfect Saturday in London?
Dinner at a great restaurant with amazing food and wine. Lots of laughs with my friends…followed by a dance off(usually to princes purple rain album) in my living room.

You and Simon Rigg opened Phonica together, way back in 2003. Are you still involved with the shop in any capacity?
Im not but i still go in all the time and show some love. Those boys are my brothers. I wouldnt be where i am today without their love and support…..and great tune selection.

Tell us about the new album. Youve had loads of your DJ mates involved. Was it a bit of a nightmare co-ordinating all these high flying party people to deliver you their tracks?!
It did take a long time to get everything delivered but it was worth the wait. All of the tracks are wonderful. Really diverse which add some freshness to the mix. I couldnt be happier. The feedback has been so great. Everyone loves different tracks for different reasons. I was recently in detroit for the Movement festival and i got to hear 5 of the tracks played out by the likes of seth troxler, loco dice and soul clap. They each chose different ones. My cheeks hurts from smiling so much.

Tell us about the Jackathon tour. Will the album mean theres going to be another tour? Highlights from previous ones?
Im contantly touring…..so after the album is released i guess we could say every date will be a “jackathon” tour date. But i also have my Jackathon parties happening all over europe and the u.k. with artists who participated on the comp and some who didnt. Its just fantastic to have a night out playing tunes and dancing with your mates. Things dont get better than that.

Will you be out at sonar this year in any capacity? What do you think makes this such a key and important date on the electronic calendar? How much more important is it to you than WMC?
…not sure the difference in importance. For me its just an opportunity to see all of your “colleagues” in the same place giving what they got. Its nice to be able to hear what other artists are doing and how they are playing. The fact that both of these festivals/conferences takes place in a city where there is a beach and sunshine makes it even rosier. Everyone is smiling and dancing and having a blast. Thats the reasone why we do this job isnt it?…oh and yes….i will be a sonar……wouldnt miss it for the world. I love barcelona.

How has your sound changed over the years?
I go through phases…sometimes im feeling more of one sound than another but i have always had a groove that i can seem to shake. I like it bouncey. Depends on where i am as well. Sometimes i get a bit darker and sometimes ill be light and breezy…..you never know what youre going to get. But one thing is for sure. You wont be standing still.

What are the best bits of Berlin youll be bringing back to the party?
The ability to play for 8 hours…hahaha. If there is one thing i learned from playing in germany. Its that you keep playing until the last person in the club is you.

Youve recently started writing a regular column for DJ Mag. DJ, Journo, BBC Radio Disc Jockey… quite the master of many a medium?! :)
….its been so much fun. Im so blessed to be offered these opportunities. I shake my head everyday wondering how all this awesome stuff has happened. The crew at radio 1 are the bomb and same goes for dj mag. They allow me to express myself fully and to have complete control and it feel good to be free to play and say what i feel is right at the moment.

What can we expect from the full 8 hours of your A Night With… can you pick a track to represent each hour?
…..lots of new dance moves i have been perfecting on this tour. Getting is tight for you guys.

Whos currently bubbling under on your radar at the moment?
waifs and strays from bristol….these boys have the funk….Robert James and Richy Ahmed…and everyone that i said last year have all become hot new tickets this year…..so lets see what happens with these boyzzzzz

See you Saturday… looking forward to it!

A Night With Heidi
This Sat 11th June, 2011
10pm – 6am
Bar A Bar
133-135 Stoke Newington Road,
Stoke Newington,
N16 8BT
Advance Tickets 10 – 15


The Ransom Note

Heidi b2b with Justin Martin @ Exit Festival 2009

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