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Oh my gosh!! Is it really happening? A whole 8 hours with Andrew Weatherall!!
I can barely contain myself… and the Ransom Note is selling tickets for it.

Read the 1st part of inteview with Mr Weatherall and his exclusive 8 track selection here.

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Check his recent 6music ‘the music that made primal scream’ on the excellent Test Pressing for a full download of said beauty!

Over the course of his long and storied career as a producer, DJ, musician, label boss and fanzine writer, Andrew Weatherall has always made it a point to do things his way, maintaining his idealism and principles as well as his extremely wide-ranging tastes. Both a gentleman and a scholar, we reach the end of the year on a high as we settle in for A Night WithAndrew Weatherall.

To say that Andrew Weatherall has had a diverse career is a bit of an understatement. He started back in the late 80s DJing the backroom at Shoom in South London, credited as the birth-place of Britains acid house scene. He was also instrumental in setting up seminal record label/magazine/club night Boys Own and was an integral part of electronic trio Sabres of Paradise (who gave us the balearic classic Smokebelch) and the associated record label Sabresonic; formed post-punk electro duo Two Lone Swordsmen (with Keith Tenniswood, aka Radioactive Man) and later set up the much loved, Rotters Golf Club label. A former punk, Weatherall is famed for his dark, dubby take on electronica and occasional forays into rockabilly.

However it is perhaps his production work that brought him to the attention of music aficionados beyond the late night dancefloors. Although he has produced the likes of Beth Orton, Bjrk, New Order, My Bloody Valentine and more recently Fuck Buttons, it will always be his production work on Primal Screams seminal Screamadelica that will ensure his exalted position in Scotlands affections, coating the Glasgow rockers with a house/dub/ambient groove that brought the club and rock worlds into alignment. Despite his long and varied time immersed in the music industry, it wasnt until 2009 that Weatherall released his first material under his own name with A Pox on The Pioneers, which was greatly received throughout the industry and by longstanding admirers.

Weatherall is still in high demand as a techno DJ of repute and, as an engaging raconteur with a huge record collection, which well be graced with all night long.


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