5 To See At The Social Festival 2016

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The closure of festival season is now very nearly upon us. Those late dreamy nights of dancing beneath the stars will soon be gone only to be replaced by the cold depths of an unapologetic British winter. However, all hope is not lost, for those of you who continue to chase the sun until it's final fold a warm and welcoming promise of revelry awaits. The Social Festival will take place at the Kent Country Showground in Maidstone across the 9th and 10th of September. This weekend will see an influx of musical experience touch down upon the grassy fields of lush English countryside. With a vast array of disc jockeys on hand it can sometimes be wise to plan a course of action before all the fun of the fair begins: four seperate stages will feature the likes of Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier, Goldie and many many more. However, our five picks of the weekend can be found below, may they inform you wisely. Go forth, prosper and dance, winter is coming…

Gerd Janson

Despite firmly securing himself as one of the most reputable selectors on the nightlife circuit at present Gerd Janson has managed to maintain true to his formative roots. As the founder of the widely acclaimed Running Back record label he continues to dig deep, exploring emerging music from new artists across genres. In the coming months the label will release two LP's from both Telephones and Tiger & Woods so there is a fair likelihood that you can expect to hear new music featured by both across Gerd Janson's weekend output. His influences run deep as Ransom Note recently pointed out which can lead to Gerd Janson playing some of the most diverse, far ranging sets on offer at present. If his performance reflects anything like that of his recent mix for fabriclive then you will be in for a treat. 

Andrew Weatherall

In all honesty there is very little left to be said about Andrew Weatherall of which has not already been spoken. Arguably one of the most influential faces in electronic music culture he has inspired a generation of followers, without him we may very well not have witnessed the emergence of artists such as Red Axes, Moscoman and many more. However, the key to Andrew's success comes in his ability to play the unexpected, it exists in his allure, his ability to create transformative moments out of nothing and in to something. Many will of been graced by Andrew Weatherall's marvellous talent behind the turntables before, but that certainly doesn't mean you should not return, quite the opposite. Watch Andrew from our recent Ransom Note party in Shoreditch below:

Paranoid London

The live set remains a mystery of the dark arts. Few have the ability to pioneer a crowd whilst performing with multiple instruments in a simultaneous motion. Machines are unpredictable, they take time to learn, to practise, let alone work in most cases. However, there is no live set which rivals that of Paranoid London at present. Their driving energy and rugged portrayal of electronic music makes them thrilling and engaging to watch and incredible to hear. Expect distorted kicks, rumbling acid and cries of passion and delight. Paranoid London remain an independent anomaly and will operate in a fashion like no other across the course of the weekend. 


This year has seen the dynamic duo rocket towards new heights. Now a household name on lineups the world over they have become the fresh faces of British house music. Since their early releases the pair have evolved, whilst remaining true to their own musical circumference and characters. This is demonstrated through the continuity attached to their FeelMyBicep blog which remains relevant and progressive. A big room sound with a nod to those who have come before, these boys are doing things the right way. 

Dj Zinc

Bass music has been shaped by numerous individuals over the years. However, Dj Zinc's role has been more influential than most. From garage to drum n' bass he has spent time honing his craft, learning from those above, keeping his head down and following due course. The result has paid off vastly and his output remains crucial in pushing UK music and its club culture forward. As a DJ he digs deep, blending the very current alongside those left dusty and forgotten at the back of the crate. Energetic, fast paced, and diverse, Dj Zinc deserves more credit than he is sometimes rewarded with. Read our recent interview with him HERE

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