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Dust off your Winter boots because 44 is back at the Old Blue Last on February 11th.

44 Presents…

worriedaboutsatan (live)

Andrew Hung (Fuck Buttons DJ set)

Mister Sushi

Roxanne Roll

Anthony C (God Dont Like It)

Plus special guest TBA…

Friday February 11th

8pm 2am

FREE entry

worriedaboutsatan (live)

worriedaboutsatan make electronic music with heart and soul.

2010 has seen a landmark year, performing live alongside the likes of Mount Kimbie, Esban and the Witch, Errors, Walls and Darkstar as well as remixing Gold Panda, Clock Opera, Vessels and Spokes.


Andrew Hung (Fuck Buttons DJ set)

In his own words…

Since Barry Hogan let me DJ at ATP a few years ago, my interest in mixing records has grown. The appeal was immediate; a form that allowed me to explore my tastes and provide a platform for testing new music.

I believe a great deal of my personality comes out in my DJing (unlike this bio). I dont do irony in music, but at the same time Im perverse and playful with form and function. As the great Underground Resistance once said They will say you cannot mix this with that and you will say WATCH ME!


Mister Sushi

44′s mouthpiece and a DJ likely to turn his hand to many musical platter. Recent performances include the AND Festival, Secret Garden Party, Kendal Calling and support slots with artists including Plaid, Radioactive Man, London Contemporary Orchestra, Anti-Pop Consortium, Ewan Pearson and Lorn.


Roxanne Roll

When not found DJ’ing at the likes of Burning Man and the Secret Garden Party this disco lady hosts the regular cosmic happening Paradise City.


Anthony (God Dont Like It)

Warming us up nicely we welcome the man behind some of London’s most forward thinking live shows, God Dont Like It.

Having DJ’d at the likes of Lock Tavern, Nail the Cross and Big Chill we can expect and eclectic selection from this fine gentleman.


The Old Blue Last,

38 Great Eastern Street,



worriedaboutsatan ‘live’: http://soundcloud.com/worriedaboutsatan/frankfurt-april-2010

Andrew Hung DJ mix: http://www.mediafire.com/?68cvl9q3zd96xg4

Mister Sushi DJ mix: http://soundcloud.com/mistersushi/mister-sushis-silver-unicorn-mix

Roxanne Roll DJ mix: http://soundcloud.com/roxanneroll/roxanne-rolls-dance-of-the-disco-leopard

Anthony C (God Dont Like It) DJ mix: http://i.mixcloud.com/CFF57

worriedaboutsatan ‘live’: