3rd Party…mk2

Art & Culture

*Capracara (Jon Burnip) (DFA/Comeme)
*Wil (Fear of Music/Shanking McGlassington)
*Leaf (Stop Making Sense/Pancake Maker)
*DJ Tendraw (Gluerooms)
*Nasty McQuaid (Off Modern/Young Money Millionaires)
*The Roots Brothers (Rootikal/Channel One manager magners)

Plus a load more people with better stuff after their names but not better records than us…maybe!

++ 5 doubles all night…

+++ cut-price karaoke – you tell us them in advance, we’ll download em for you and write the words out!

Rolling on from the new year’s day nonsense… 3rd party return with another all-day/most of the night of nonsensical floor clearing, piano house noise, trendy ass bollox and a load of other pancakes… we’ll even sort the cut-price karaoke for you, you, you know who you are… come on, I couldn’t stand up let alone download records to sing!

Jonathan ‘Capracara’ Burnip from the mighty DFA & Comeme Records . Jonathan played for us years ago a couple of times down the good, really good Montague Arms with the mighty Karl as the massive Sound of the Universe/Soul Jazz Soundsystem. Can I use anymore superlatives in there?! Then he only went and made (or maybe he’d already made them) some amazing records and James Murphy & Tim Goldsworthy’s fantabulous DFA & Matias Aguayo’s Comeme labels released em. Seek out “King Of The Witches” on DFA, possibly my favourite record of last year, it’s an absolute beauty (oh and there’s a Rub n’ Tug remix on the flip side…. you can’t get better than that now can ya?)
Massive, massive.

3rd Party @ The George Tavern
Sat 20th Feb
4pm till 3am