10 Years Of Asbo: A Timeline

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ASBO, the night run by resident DJs Riotous Rockers & Alvin C in Camden's Lock Tavern, reaches its 10th Birthday this Friday 14th August and sadly draws to an end. They will be throwing an almighty shindig to commemorate and commiserate this last hurrah with special guest JD Twitch playing to the ASBO faithful. To celebrate the momentus occassion here at Ransom Note, however, we are giving you a timeline of the highs and lows so far (mostly highs) of the club night that began life split between Stealth in Nottingham and Heavenly Social in London.

It's sort of like a GCSE bitesize revision guide, so you can take it away to study and recite on demand when you loiter around Camden's stable market area telling tourists about the glory days when celebrities such as Kate Moss, Sadie Frost and Fearne Cotton could be found staggering out of NW1 watering holes. And back when the Cyber Dog shop was in a dungeon. Take the opportunity to impress them with some history on the town's few remaining decent club nights, which they'll definitely want to put their goopy noodles down in order to attend right away.

Before the timeline begins, here are some words from them that have played them there records at ASBO;

Trevor Jackson – "ASBO the only club were I could play nitzer ebb, wham & big daddy Kane back to back, gonna miss it."

Erol Alkan – "I've always enjoyed playing small rooms, and some of my favourite sets have been at ASBO. Having people so close means the emphasis is on reading the room, the true art in Djing. I'll miss it."

Fake Blood – "ASBO was always one of my favourite gigs of the year. I'd put more preparation into a party above a pub than a big festival. A cracking party that'll be missed big time."

Mark Moore – "Always a joy to play at ASBO. It's like returning home to your family who are putting on a magical party each time. Keeps me smiling for weeks."

This the history of ASBO in the words of Alvin C:

"2004 – Alvin C meets Pete & Boggy / Riotous Rockers at Stealth in Nottingham who are filling in for Queens of Noize who have failed to turn up. Riotous Rockers & Alvin C decide to start a monthly night in London & Nottingham.

2005 – ASBO commences a residency at Heavenly Social (London) and Stealth (Nottingham). The first run of nights at Stealth include live performances from Lily Allen (first gig outside of London), Hot Chip and Metronomy. The first flyers for ASBO London are made by Ricky Haley of LIARS Club.

2006 – ASBO first birthday at the Heavenly Social with guests Simian Mobile Disco, only twenty five people turn up. The sounds system has a complete power failure. Boggy meets Matt Walsh for the first time and 10 years of 'hair' jokes ensue. Our early ASBO regulars take the 'behaving badly' ethic of ASBO too far and are infact given an ASBO by the doorman and banned from the venue.

2007 – A hop over to North London for the start of our long running residency at The Lock Tavern.

2008 – The first of the hush hush Disco 3000 irregular guest spots start with Erol Alkan playing disco in the small room above a pub. One guy falls asleep in a speaker. We bring Todd Terje to Nottingham for a night at Stealth. He is a giant 6ft something and plays harder than we expected. ASBO goes to Spain to play at an unofficial Bennicasm party. The journey back to the airport is almost cut short when the driver keeps drifting into sleep.

2009 – More Disco 3000 sets plus guests such as Paul Epworth (who plays from 2 CDs only), Justin Robertson and Ben Rymer. Leanne aka Mrs Matt Walsh makes a short clip of the night. Our super mascot, Lucile Troquet, starts making a monthly ASBO pilgrimage and becomes one of the crew.

2010 – Ben Rymer's pissed Santa fancy dress scares the children of North London.

ASBO 5th Birthday with a double header weekend of JD Twitch at Stealth and The Glimmers at The Lock Tavern.

2011 – ASBO 6th Birthday with Joakim who is a 6ft giant with size 14 feet. He describes ASBO as one of his favourite memories of playing in the UK, although it has taken him ages to clean the sambucca off of his laptop. Also that year ASBO invites Rory Phillips to play. They also start the first of their 'Rammellathon Alldayers' at the Lock Tavern with the first one having a line up of Fake Blood, Riton, Punks Jump Up, Ben Rymer, Bxentric, Riotous Rockers & Alvin C.

2012 –  This year sees Mark Moore, Sean Johnston (Hardway Bros) plus a special Jubilee Rammellthon Alldayer with Fake Blood, Riton, Rory Phillips, Matt Walsh, Riotous Rockers, Alvin C and the introduction of the Skegness House Mafia. The London riots occur and the windows of the Lock Tavern get 'done in'. Proper youth ASBO behaviour. Rory Phillips records a live from ASBO summer mixtape and Liverpool's finest Discoteca Poca DJs make the trip south to North London. ASBO takes over Room 3 at Fabric for the first of our occasional one off nights there.

2013 – ASBO welcomes Damon Martin (Disco Bloodbath), Timothy J Fairplay, Severino who has now become one of our favourite regular guests, Boy 8 Bit and Nathan Gregory Wilkins. Our 8th Birthday is a night to remember with Trevor Jackson playing one of the best sets we have heard at the Small Disco. So much fun! Trevor goes on to say in DJ Mag that ASBO was one of his favourite small clubs / pubs to play. Another all dayer and more hangovers!

2014 – See's the return of Gucci Soundsystem (Ben Rymer & Riton), In Flagranti playing whilst Jake Shears throws shapes in the crowd, Nadia Ksaiba, Newcastle's finest People Get Real, Mark Moore and the mysterious Dark Circles!

2015 – So here we are in our 10th year. With some of our fave DJs, Severino, Mark Moore, In Flagranti and Boy 8 Bit already having played this year we now go to our 10th Birthday and final party with JD Twitch, Riotous Rockers & Alvin."

So there we have it, all the way up to the present day. I bet you'd long thought that the days for dancing in Camden were over, but you would be wrong. Plenty more dancing is to be done, and it will be done. It will be done.

Find out more about the event that you too can attend here.