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Ransom Note likes comedy… but it’s often hard to know what the hell is and isn’t actually worth going to see. Time is precious these days and we don’t have a great deal of time to end up in the back room of a pub watching some two bit house husband try his hand and fail at making people laugh…
We do not profess to be experts at R$N towers on the matter, so we asked someone who does; Holly Hyde-Smith… welcome aboard.

Stonewall Comedy Gala Presents…Girls’ Night Out
Monday 24th September at 7.30pm.

Recently a male friend made the bold statement that there are no funny female comedians. Women are not funny.  Not the wisest statement to make to female dominated room.  I blame ignorance. So in an act of charity and I am taking him on an educational trip to Stonewall Comedy GalaGirls Night out. With a line up that includes Shappi Khorsandi, Zoe Lyon, Jen Brister and Kerry Godliman, it is sure to be a victorious night in turning the gent into a female comedian groupie. I just hope there are no jokes about periods..
Bloomsbury Theatre
Sold-Out but well worth trying to get a return to.

Simon Amstell – Numb
Ahead of recording a TV special of his hit stand up show Numb Simon Amstell will be doing warm up shows at The Invisible Dot, Kings Cross. Numb follows on from his critically acclaimed Do Nothing show and is an attempt to heal himself in public . And  I for one would not miss the self-obessed, neurotic yet irresistibly loveable comedian live in action. (Though I would settle for another series of him hosting Never Mind The Buzzcocks we want you back for good Amstell, we just want you back for good.)
At theinvisibledot London on 16th, 17th & 18th September