Comedy Slices #43

Art & Culture

Comedy Slice, like a gypsy Queen, is still on the road moving from Suffolk to Cambridgeshire to hunt down any comedy foxes at Secret Garden Party.

Thursday 25th – Justin Moorhouse

This Manchester radio DJ and stand up was one of the first stars on Michael McIntyre’s comedy roadshow although perhaps his more appealing virtue for some,  is his appearances on Peter Kay’s legendary Phoenix Nights and Looking For Eric. If that is anything to go on Moorhouse’s is sure to appeal to all. 

Friday 26th – Sanderson Jones’ Comedy Sale

By going to a Stand Up show you are often willing walking into the firing line of some good old wholesome abuse, especially along the front row. Sanderson takes  this comic tradition along with our need for self promotion on social media to create a truly unique and somewhat too personal comedy show. Selling each of his tickets personally, Sanderson delves into each audience members activity on Facebook, Twitter to find his material for each show. Go along but don’t be surprised to find the subject very familiar… 

Sunday 28th – Deep Banter Society 

Now, this isn’t strictly comedy but we are on the road, feeling rebellious and will not be confined.. So Deep Banter Society is the next pick. This year the debate topic is  ‘If we could eradicate all recreational drugs over nights should we?’ Featuring Professor David Nutt (ex-government) Jamie Catto (Faithless), Mike Powers (author) and Rachel Seifert (documentary film maker) this should be an entertaining insightful romp – even if your personal view remain intact after. 

Holly Hyde-Smith