comedy slices #32

Art & Culture

Variety is the spice of life so this weeks comedy slice is spicing it up with a range of delights for the picking – the classic big hitter,  the sweet charitable night and the alternative character comedian. Like a box of chocolates it has something for everyone.  

Monday 13 May – Balls To Homelessness – Comedy Store 

Call me biased but I think Comedy nights that raise money for charity are always the best sort of fundraisers – laughing in the face of adversity as well as doing your bit to help. This particular night is to raise money for Homeless FA, a charity dedicated to helping homeless people in England through football.  And they have snagged an incredible line up of Ian Stone, Milton Jones, Carl Donnelly, Tony Law, Romesh Ranganathan, Jim Campbell, Tom Rosenthal, Lloyd Griffith and Rob Beckett. A double whammy of top comedians and a charitable deed. Selfless or selfish? Who cares its a win win situation. 

Jenny Fawcett is the instantly loveable creation of Louise Ford (one half the sketch duo Ford & Akram) and was an instant hit at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. A Northern tap dancing enthusiast Fawcett is in love with Peter Dink though be warned she is not adverse to getting handsy with male audience members while providing tips such as how to tap dance away from bullies. The good ol’ fashioned word “Romp” is best word to describe Ford’s lively, enjoyable and silly extravaganza of a show.

Does he need an introduction or a segment of this comedy slice? No, definitely not but the man, the myth, the legendary Eddie Izzard is back on tour so its happening anyway. And because he is the Izzard this is no walking tour of Britain this is a comedy tour on a global scale as he hits up cities across Europe, USA, Africa, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, India, Nepal and the Far East. Be part of the global Izzard experience, we all know its going to be good.

Holly Hyde Smith