comedy slices #28

Art & Culture
It is all kicking off in the comedy slice this week. Want free comedy? We got it. Want a French man? Done. A bald man who can do a wide variety of voices? Covered it. That’s right this slice has all the laughs in the barrel and is aiming it right at you. 

Despite the continued freezing temperatures there is a distinct smell of Spring in the air. Maybe it was that tiny watery ray of sunshine that keeps  bravely breaking through that makes it feels like a late spring is peeping round the corner. So what better way to celebrate then with some FREE outdoor comedy? And the F word doesn’t mean that you will be forced to suffer poor quality comedians. No siree this afternoon delight brings you the freshest rising stars: Bec Hill, Ed Caruana, Harriet Kemsley, Simon Caine, Joshua Ross and Steph Peart. Oh yes spring is on its way! 

Alderton is a master of voices. Turning his back to the audience he breaks into two voices having a conversation of how the act is going. This slightly creepy schizophrenic- esq performances, is one of those beautifully funny sketches that makes you squirm just enough – no tipping you over into the realm of wishing a black hole would swallow you up.  Alderton has been on Michael Mcintyre’s Roadshow, Dave’s One Night Stand and is The Sun’s Comedian of The Year (but don’t hold that last one against him) and is well worth a trip to see. 

Marcel Lucont is the self-proclaimed greatest French comedian in London today. And who am I to argue with the winner of the 2012 Amused Moose Award for The Best Comedy Show of Edinburgh Fringe and author of ‘What We French Think About You British (And Where You Went Wrong)’ ? Lucont presents an evening of alternative comedy and cabaret. A night that is sure to be heady mix of his dry wit, debauched poetry and surreal musings. Intrigued? Well then this should tip you over the edge – there will also be a helping of character comedy from ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’ star Phil Jupitus as Kurt  Schiffer. Now that is a night to attend.