comedy slices #26

Art & Culture
One of the best bank holidays of the year is about to commence, not only is the weekend extended a whopping two days but as its Easter you can legitimately eat replace your breakfast of scrambled egg with a Creme Egg. What could make this better? A sprinkling of comedy on this epic cake of break will finish it off nicely….

First up for your bank holiday pleasure is the April Fools Day Comedy Concert. If there was ever a day of the year to check out some comedy then surely 1st April is it. This afternoon delight combines Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain with the multi-award wining comedian/musician Rainer Hersch. It is advertised that the programme includes – Glinka’s ‘Overture to Ruslan and Ludmila’, Britten/UOBG’s ‘Young Person’s Guide to the Ukulele Orchestra’ , Liszt/Tom and Jerry’s ‘The Cat Concerto’, J Strauss II’s ‘Laughing Song’ , Pachelbel’s ‘Canon’ – but all that means very little to me. I’m going to see the marriage of comedy and the Ukulele become one. 
Second up is a comedy cherry to ease you back in to the week after the gluttonous long weekend. Totally Tom are a comedy duo who both perform a wide array of characters in sketches that have previously earned them a nomination for Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Newcomer Award 2011 and sell-out shows. The duo’s YouTube hit ‘High Renaissance Man’ first brought them into the comedy limelight and now with a slot on Channel 4’s Comedy Lab and Live at the Electric – you best to catch them before their show sells out. Again.