comedy slices #25

Art & Culture
OK, I don’t want to get you too excited but it is so close you can almost taste the long late breakfast, the lies in, the drunken stupor….Oh yes the bank holiday weekend is nearly upon us!  To get you through and get you in the spirit until that beautiful long four day weekend here is a heartening morsel of comedy for the week ahead. 

Piff the Magic Dragon may sound like something that will cause you to lose the best part of 24 hours in a dingy club, but in fact it is a magician/comedian. Piff is a member off the Magic Circle and (according to relatively reliable sources) has sold magic tricks to David Blaine. The general gist is that the magic dragon is good magician. Combine The awe of magic with the deadpan humour of Jack Dee and tied up in a dragon costume equals a pretty good night. And I have yet to mention the killer selling point for me, his assistant Mr Piffles. Mr Piffles the first ever magical chihuahua who also wears a dragon outfit. And yes if there is cat in a sink or a chihuahua in an outfit I’m there, laughing my socks off.
Have you seen Abandoman yet? Yes? Well, then really I need say no more. You already know that they are an especially hilarious act that never fail to disappoint. People without a sense of humour even crack a smile at their ability to quickly create on the stop musical sketches. And if you have yet to catch these musical comedy geniuses then they are definitely what have missing from your life. Abandoman will be headlining at the cult comedy night Knock2Bag with a host of other top comedians including Dane Baptiste, Will Franken, Ivo Graham, Aisling Bea and Ginger and Black. The right way to start the bank holiday weekend.