Comedy sliceS #23

Art & Culture

This Friday marks international women’s day, to celebrate this week’s comedy slice will be focusing on the sugar and spice with two female comedy acts before ending in a blaze of glorious steroid fuelled fun with tribute to ultimate old school action hero.  

Friday 8th –  Bridget Christie – Queen Elizabeth Hall – 7.50

Bridget Christie has a new Radio Four show starting this week that is all about feminism. So, I am not taking to wild a guess in assuming that her show on International Women’s Day as part of Southbank’s Women of the World Festival…is going to delve into the same subject.  Renowned for her surreal shows (she once spent an entire show as a Japanese knotweed) Christie is sure to bring something different to the subject of feminism.  And with a host of TV appearances coming up as well as her Radio show she is hitting the comic mark – catch her while you can. 

Tuesday 12th – Loretta Maine: Bipolar – Soho Theatre – 10

Now we move from the political to the dysfunctional. Pippa Evans is a character comedian who has created disturbed American singer songwriter Loretta Maine. Described as Courtney Love through the lens of Mike Lee by the Guardian,  Loretta the boozing pill-popping songstress will be taking us on a journey through her unsuccessful life in London playing a few of her tracks such as “These ain’t my real tits” and ‘Ellen from Rugby’ along the way.  Currently, up for a Chortle award nomination this creature of Evans’s creation is something you will want to see. 

Wednesday 13th – comComedy presents the Arnie Party – Queen of Hoxton – 7

And so finally the steroid fuelled fun.  comComedy is a themed monthly comedy night that this month has chosen to celebrate the ultimate action hero – Arnold Schwarzenegger. The night looks at not only the man’s cult movies such as ‘Twins’ but also his careers in weighlifting and politics. On the bill to honour him are Spencer Brown, James Acaster, character comic Holly Burns, Karl Schultz, Paul Harry Allen, This Glorious Monster and Luke Benson as MC. Go pay your respects to the legend that is Arnie. 

Holly Hyde-Smith