Comedy Slices #21

Art & Culture

This week’s comedy slice is much like a fruit cake in that it is fully loaded with wide variety of fruity comedy nights from character to film to hip hop it's a jamboree of comedy.  And obviously tastier than a fruit cake because no-one sane actually likes fruit cake.

Dong Comedy is a night which brings comedy and hip hop together in a spectacular collision. This month the line-up includes the award-winning Felix Dexter, winners of the British Comedy Awards 2012 Best Sketch show Cardinal Burns, winner of 2012 Musical Comedy Awards Rob Carter, and the up and coming comic star Ola. So, pretty much the award winning comedians from every category.  From the musical to the sketch, DONG has it covered.  And as if that incredible line up wasn’t enough there will also be beatboxing from Hobbit and Big Ted spinning some classic hip hope tunes. This is what Friday nights are made for.
The Hen and Chickens Theatre Pub as long been known for showcasing some of the rising comic stars and this time it’s the turn of Susan Harrison with her surreal new character comedy show Folken Britain. The show contains a range of British characters from Tony Blair to cockney dog in an absurd social satire.  The diversity of Harrison will be on full display and the dexterity of her range can only but impress even if not all the character hit the mark with you. But it should as Harrison’s previous show ‘Creatures’ won the critic choice at ThreeWeeks Editor’s Choice Award and who doesn’t want to hear a song about Blair’s first love?
Richard Sandling is an award winning comic and a film reviewer. In this lively show he brings the two bows of his strings together in a perfect harmony that is Richard Sandling’s Perfect Movie – a comedy show that revolves around films. And what would a comedy film night entail? A whole bunch of stuff is the answer to that. With interviews, special guests, classic movie trailer, games, film recreations and the obligatory sketches this is a jam-packed show. I have a feeling this may contain a lot of movie jokes so swot up on your movie trivia to ensure you don’t miss a punch line.