Comedy Slices #2

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Ransom Note likes comedy… but it's often hard to know what the hell is and isn't actually worth going to see.
Time is precious these days and we don't have a great deal of time to end up in the back room of a pub watching some two bit house husband try his hand and fail at making people laugh…
We do not profess to be experts at R$N towers on the matter, so we asked someone who does; Holly Hyde-Smith tells us what to see this week.

Hip Hop. Comedy. They belong together, and like cupid straight outta Brooklyn DONG swoops in to Rich Mix (new era hat flying) to do just that this Friday. 
It should be a corker night with Jarred Christmas  hosting (who didn’t laugh so hard at his heckle comeback that they snorted tea out of their nose? See last week’s R$N if you missed that beaut). Joining him will be the beatboxer Hobbit, Fergus Craig, Jamie Demetriou and Ian Smith to create a super Hip Hop Comedy crew. AND word on the street is that the kids at DONG have just hooked a very very special guest. Sweet.
O and did I mention there is Hip Hop Karaoke? I am already dusting off my hi-tops and practising my stage swagger. Jay Z better watch his back.
Rich Mix, Friday 21st, Advanced tickets £8
They say never judge a book by it's cover, but I am a fickle gal who is taken in by a witty line and a catchy title for a comedy show. So Lewis Schaffer's show entitled 'Lewis Schaffer is Free Until Famous' is obviously doing a lot for me before I have even got myself down to see the show. Maybe some comedians should rename their shows 'Ridiculously Expensive Now I Have Been On Mock The Week' ?  I digress.
The New York comic is on every Tuesday and Wednesday at The Source Below. As its free (obviously) there is really no excuse not to go check him out. And if all the good stuff is in the title then we can rest easy that he will never change it. Ever. 
The Source Below, 11 Lower St, Soho. Tues & Weds, Free