Comedy Slices #16

Art & Culture

We are half way through January. The first month in a brand spanking new year, so it is time to put away the regrets of last year (and the beginning of this year which obviously doesn't count) and look towards a new era. So this week's comedy slices focuses on the new, new nights and the freshest out of the box comedians around (that are worth seeing of course.)

There is a lot of comedy nights in London – the  good, the  bad and the newbies and Comedy De Luxe comes as the latest comedy night offering. Curated by the UK's top comedy website Chortle containing a line up of the up and coming and of top comedians. Ava Vidal who has graced our screens in Mock the Week and Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow,  Omar Hamdi, Anthony Ayton are all on the bill with Thom Tuck MCing. This has all the right ingredients to be a delicious night of laughs. Can the online comedy gurus deliver a night that lives up to its reputation?  It's looking promising. 
Andrew Watts is one of the newer acts on the comedy circuit yet he has already got a trial of comedy award nominations and some wins under his belt, finalist in FHMs stand up of the year and winner of Reading Comedy Festival's New Act of the Year to name two. This upper class fellow delivers a winning act with a mix of arrogance and insecurity in his show Andrew Watts – Born to be mild.  Go see, even if it is just to tell your friends that you saw him aaages ago when he pops up on the TV quiz show circuit in a couple of months.  
January makes a habit of making us all question ourselves causing a pandemic of resolutions across the nation. Nish Kumar is ahead of the game, a trendsetter if you will and has turned self questioning into an act that turns out is all about "being proud of your roots and ashamed of everything else". His show 'Who is Nish Kumar?' explores what it means to British Asian and identity in general. This show is a heady mix of delightfully self-effacing antidotes, interesting perspective on the British Asian experience and a display of wit and intelligence.  It will be thought provoking barrel of laughs and is the show to see this week.