Comedy Slices #10

Art & Culture

In this week's slice I'm not going to just give you comedy, I'm going to chuck in some storytelling, poems and a man obsessed with baths into the mix. Spicy. 

Half a Can of Worms

First up into the slice is Deborah France-White whose show Half A Can of Worms is part of
of The London Storytelling Festival. 
And boy is this a juicy worm of a story, one that wouldnt be out of place on an episode of Eastenders.  
Adopted at ten days old Deborah had no idea who or where her birth-family were, that was until October 2012 when a set of events cause her to go on a searching frenzy to find more information about her birth-family. 
Intriguing, although perhaps not immediately striking you as comedy material. Think again. Her previous standup show How To Get Almost Anyone To Want To Sleep With You was a hit and this intimate evening of revelation promises to deliver a whole can of laughs.
Friday 16th, Leicester Square Theatre,  £10/£8
I've said it in a past comedy slice, the catchy, witty and downright silly show titles never fail to draw me in. Who doesn't love a pun or the ridiculous? And bath obsessive Tim Key has certainly come up with a corker with Masterslut. (How does one get to claim that status? Do you have to be an apprentice slut first?) 
Key has previously won the Edinburgh Comedy Award with his show Slutcracker in 2009 annd done a bit for Newswipe, which adds credential to the alluring title for those of you less taken in than me. 
Filled with poems,  short stories, and films this is not going to be your standard comedy night. Be adventurous, challenge yourself. 
Tues 20th, Arts Theatre London, £18