At Home With… Robag Wruhme

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There is a humble sense of honesty about Robag Wruhme, an unassuming producer and disc jockey who has had a long and fruitful career releasing music for over twenty years.

Next month marks his return as he released his first long playing album in eight years. The latest release picks up where the last left off and once again features on Pampa Records, a label which rarely dissapoints. 

Robag Wruhme has always been drawn to the melodic fringes of dance and electronic music, clean cut and playful his style has evolved with age but maintains the prominent sensibilities of honest musicality and melody throughout. The latest album is titled "Venq Tolep" and see's him blur enigmatic pads with melancholic hints of bliss in what is a carefully constructed package built far more for home listening than the club or dancefloor. 

Perhaps this reflects the recent life experiences of Robag himself, who has recently become a father and hence describes this as the rationale behind the delay between his previous LP and that of now. 

We invited him to guide us through where he calls home… 

What’s your favourite room in your home and why?

The whole house is my favorite place. 

What’s in your fridge right now? How often do you clean it?

You guys are really curious.

How would you describe the decor in your home? 

A mix classic and modern. 

Are you handy at DIY or do you get someone in?

I am a normal guy… not magic

What do you eat for breakfast?

I eat the edges of the sandwich I prepare for my son’s lunchbox.

Do you have a nutri-bullet? Have you ever used it? If so, any health boosting juices you would recommend?

Sometimes I take a "morgenmuffel" which is a tasty mix of fruits and vegetables

Who is your neighbour? What do they do? If you’ve not talked to them… maybe now would be a good opportunity to. 

Our landlord lives above us, a 75 year old lady. Below us lives a professor with his wife and in the basement is a dentist. All of them are very friendly and we help and meet each other very often.

Bath or shower?


Has your neighbour ever seen you naked, accidentally or on purpose?

Of course on purpose.

It’s a lazy evening, no time for cooking. What’s your takeaway option? Who do you use? Do they know you and expect the usual order from you?

I always go to Pho 36, a Vietnamese restaurant in Weimar. I order beef pho and shrimp rice rolls.

Do you eat your dinner at the table or on your lap. 

Do you have a local shop or are you a supermarket raider like the rest of us?

I like my small "tegut". The crew there is amazing. 

Are you a messy person? What’s the worst state your home has been left in after a party?

I try to be an organized person, but with two kids, it is not that easy. 

What’s your most annoying habit as a room mate if indeed you do have a room mate?

When I had a roommate many years ago, he started to do the dishes and never came to an end (4 days)

What’s the worst room-mate you’ve ever had?


Is there a view from your window, balcony, front door, terrace? Can you share that with us? 

Pick 6 dinner party guests from history, real or fictional to invite to your home? 

Franz Kafka, Rafael Correa, Sophie Scholl, Ingeborg Bachmann, Kai Schuhmann, Diego Luna, Manfred Krug

Do you know the name of your postman?

Yes, it is a Jürgen.

Where do you listen to music in the home and what’s the set up?

On my desk with headphones since 1994.

Anything else we’ve missed about your home you’d like to discuss? 


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