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In this feature we ask an artist to bring us “Through The Keyhole” of their personal living space and let us know what it’s like at ‘Chez Artist’… So far we have welcomed the likes of Man Power, Öona Dahl, Carmen Villain, C.A.R. Gabe Gurnsey, Felix Dickinson and more. Now we take a trip across the water and touch down in Detroit. Amp Fiddler is due to release a new album on Moodymann's Mahogani Music this week, he invited us on a tour of his personal space. 

A musician with a deeply rooted history his latest album features collaborations and guest appearances from some truly special friends. J Dilla, Waajeed, Andres and Moodymann himself have all played a helping hand. Here is an insight into the lifestyle of a pioneer…

What’s your favourite room in your home and why?

Right now my bedroom is my favorite room. My brother passed last year. He lived in the house on the upper floor. His plumbing broke and leaked from the bedroom ceiling this year, it ruined all my books and some clothing. The room was a mess and got worse as I was on tour for a month unaware of it. After I took everything out and all the repairs were done I painted/ sanded the floor and bought a new bed. I look forward to spending my nights in my room. Nothing like a spanky new mattress. Tuft and Needle is the shit matress for comfort at a very, very reasonable price over here.
Over the course of that time, between the external aesthetics and the internal structure, there's lots I'd change…and am currently changing. I'm in the process of remodeling. A good portion of my tour earnings go right back into repairs, i.e. leaks/pipes, roof, landscaping, etc. I had a futon before and it got to be soft and all mushy. I don’t believe in having a tv in a bedroom so it's all about the dream.

What’s in your fridge right now? How often do you clean it?

Salad, two bottles of Kombucha, eggs, coconut water, almond milk, grape juice, vitamins, apples, lemon juice, salad dressings, coconut ice cream, frozen strawberry, blueberries,pineapple, apple cider vinegar and tuna salad. I try and clean it every four or five months.

How would you describe the decor in your home? 

Modern. Contemporary. 

Are you handy at DIY or do you get someone in?

Most of the time I get someone because I don’t have the tools to complete most jobs. I've been in the house over 40 years and have made major changes. We tore out the walls for an open concept and tore out the kitchen ceiling to expose the beams to give a loft style look so it's pretty funky. I am in the process of remodeling again so the house is not quite like I visioned it yet.

What do you eat for breakfast?

Smoothies or oats/ porridge. Eggs or pancakes etc on Sundays.

Do you have a nutri-bullet? Have you ever used it? If so, any health boosting juices you would recommend?

I use my Bullet almost every day. Sometimes I mix the fruits with green kale and ginger.

Who is your neighbour? What do they do? If you’ve not talked to them… maybe now would be a good opportunity to. 

I don’t have a neighbour and I like it this way. My goal is to buy the end of this block and have control over who my neighbours will be. The surrounding houses are vacant and I just bought the house directly across from me.

Have you ever locked yourself out?

I have locked myself out.

What did you do?

I have climbed through my back window many times dammit.

Bath or shower?

I'm a bath guy.

Have your neighbours ever seen you naked, accidentally or on purpose?

No neighbours thank god.

Do you eat your dinner at the table or on your lap? 

I eat my dinner at the table.

Do you have a local shop or are you a supermarket whore like the rest of us?

There's no local shops in the hood so I have to step to the burbs to get the good herbs. Everything local is Arab markets and bad produce most of the time.

Is there a piece of art or ornament that holds particularly fond memories for you, from childhood or travels perhaps?

I remember a painting of a Black Panther that was in a garage of a friend. The painter was a friend of my sister named Ibn Porri Pitts made in the sixties during the days of the Panther Party.That painting was so powerful and I wanted it but never had a chance to get it. Forever stuck in my mind. If I had a cell phone back then it would have definitely of been documented dammit.

Animals. We love cats here at R$N, but just love people with pets. Is there a special furry/ feathered/ scaly creature in your life, tell us a little about them?

My boys are brother Shaka and Tut, two 6 year old Bouviers that guard the house and protect all around. Dogs are mans best friend and that still stands with us.They are big furry creatures, originally hearding dogs bred in Belgium and usually intimidate intruders to keep moving on.

Are you a messy person? What’s the worst state your home has been left in after a party?

I am not a messy person but from time to time I have had mess with basement flooding and pipe leaks.

What’s your most annoying habit as a room mate if indeed you do have a room mate?

I think the habit of letting the house get nasty when there was an opportunity to make it neat and clean. I hate to live with nasty asss people.

What’s the worst room-mate you’ve ever had?

When I was on tour with Parliament Funkadelic for the first five years or so I had to have a room mate and that was cool at first until I had to switch with a real funkster. It was a fucking hardcore party almost every night from wild bitches to dope dealers so I learnt how to sleep through a hurricane eventually. 

Is there a view from your window, balcony, front door, terrace? Can you share that with us? Who do you look for coming along the street?

I have a view out my bedroom window looking onto nature, trees, birds and squirrels. My front window is quite big so I can always see visitors or the postman.

Pick 6 dinner party guests from history, real or fictional to invite to your home? 

George Clinton would be number one as we had a bunch of party recording sessions. I remember I had this hot track done for him and a big dude came in the room and knocked the dammn third out of the socket. I had to start all over pissed off and everybody in the room was like…

'Ohhhhhhhhhhh… Shit! You muthafucka! Get Out!'

My brother Bubz. We always had dinner together. My son Dorian and his mom Stacey. We had some of the best times in my life while we were together.

Sly Stone would be number five for sure as I would love to pick his brain on his process of recording and writing etc. And his take on life in this day and time.

My last would be Herbie Hancock as I would love to sit and hear his story as well. I am amazed and inspired by him, he can switch lanes and go from acoustic to electronic so well.

Do you know the name of your postman?

They are always changing but I do know my UPS man Louis. His wife is an amazing singer named Beth Griffith who performs with the artist Kem, the soul artist from the D.

Where do you listen to music in the home and what’s the set up?

Mostly Bandcamp, iTunes, SiriusXM and SoundCloud… My setup is either my laptop or in my studio as well as on my communication device.

What would you change about your home?

I sure would change my raggedy ass leaking roof and my yard needs some landscaping. Maybe an enclosed addition to the back of the house for the K9’s would be nice.

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