Aaja celebrates five years in Deptford with Creekside festival

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Taking place on Saturday the 2nd of September, the event will feature headline sets from Wookie and Jossy Mitsu.

South London venue Aaja is celebrating five years in business with a collective celebration showcasing local crews and venues in the local vicinity of Deptford. The music and arts venue come radio station has grown to be a prominent part of the South London underground music community and is keen to pay tribute to the people and family it has built since having first opened its doors.

AAJA Founders, and Creekside Festival organisers, Owen & Samuel, reflect on the ethos behind the event:

“We want to celebrate 5 years in the game with AAJA and what better way to mark the occasion than championing all of the hyperlocal Deptford spaces, businesses and community members which have gotten us to where AAJA is today.


Creekside will not only celebrate, but also highlight Deptford’s unique and often endangered cultural spaces. The festival will be an intimate, multi-venue, day to night, electronic music festival, with an emphasis on being affordable for all.”

Crews involved include Black Obsidian Sound System, For The Record, Wolf Recordings and Threads Radio amongst others.

Details can be found HERE.