This Week... Post Easter Comedown!

Eggs, Meat, Eggs, Meat, Jesus!

This Week... Post Easter Comedown!

Eggs, Meat, Eggs, Meat, Jesus!

Isn't it just wonderful when the sun is shining and the weather is sweet. You've found yourself lost in a maze of chocolate eggs and roast dinners - then BOOM! Reality strikes.... The working week resumes and you find yourself sad, alone eating chocolate straight from the foil, your fifth creme egg of the day and teary eyed. The Easter comedown is real, I'm not sure if it's all the sugar or what but this week has been hard.. 

Anyway, politically speaking this was a week of reckoning as lots of people who voted for Brexit in Northern Ireland, including several members of the DUP, were found angry at the fact that they had voted for Brexit and that Brexit wasn't a very good idea. As a result lots of riots have broken out from Northern Irish Brits who feel that the new customs border has made them less British, which is fair I suppose. But then again, they did vote for Brexit... 

Meanwhile, under 30's are to be offered a new vaccine following concerns over blood clots. The evidence is growing, however I'm not ready to appease the plethora of furious anti vaxxers who claim that they would never put themselves at risk due to the ingestion of a "dangerous" drug or chemical. I bumped into a bunch of the anti vaxxers in London the other week and can safely say that having chatted to many of those in attendance they were also as likely to neck ten pints on a weekend, smoke the wacky backy or snort random lines of detergent/cocaine. None of that stuff can give you blood clots though... 

In the 'cultural sector' everyone and their dog is back to releasing big beefy club bangers. Festival season is looming, even if that means standing in a socially distant field with some cows and some cans for company. 

Oh and thanks for the memories Phil... 

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