This Week... Make it more British!

"Quintessentially, distinctively so..."

This Week... Make it more British!

"Quintessentially, distinctively so..."

You heard me, get those Union Jack socks out, scoff a pie 'n' mash, grab a Carling and pop Eastenders on because it's time to British the f**k out of the weekend. 

Yes, that's right - this was the news which emerged this week as television broadcasters were told by MP's to make sure that the content they produce and show is more 'distinctively British'. What that actually means is anyones guess. I can't imagine Masterchef being much fun if they were only allowed to cook roast dinners. Perhaps they'll just show Downton Abbey all day every day until the end of time. Maybe they'll set up a live stream from inside Buckingham Palace so that everytime the queen takes a cr*p or has to tell Andrew off for his noncery we could all watch? To be fair that does sound quite entertaining...

Meanwhile an announcement was also made that Britain will be reintroducing the use of imperial measures. As if every other country didn't think we were already pretensious, pedantic and pathetic enough for driving on the wrong side of the road, using different currency and leaving the EU... Now we want to change the f**king measuring system as well. Great!

Here in London the seasons are changing, the weather has gone from grey to, well, grey. It is colder though, winter is coming soon and then there will be no excuse to leave the house ever again. I might build myself a desk bed, the only time I'd ever need to leave would be to let the deliveroo guy in and visit the bog. That's the stuff of dreams to be honest...

Anyway, go put on a record, here is the worldwide web...


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