This Week... Turkey Jalfrezi!

"Why toast when you can roast?"

This Week... Turkey Jalfrezi!

"Why toast when you can roast?"

So it seems as if we might soon run out of food. Who’d of thunk it? 

There’s already talk of a turkey shortage at Christmas. When I popped by my supermarket earlier this week all that was left was corned beef and spam fritters. There would be a degree of irony in that to be fair. Imagine the faces on all of those staunch Brexiteers. All year they’ve waited to tuck into a glorious British turkey dinner - only to find its been replaced by a microwaved jalfrezi. 

Meanwhile there’s no petrol left and all the energy companies are going bust left right and centre. Even Bulb are struggling and i’ll be bloody angry if they go under. After all i’ve been paying off my electricity with £50 referal codes for years! 

It’s almost the end of festival season for this year. I for one will be glad to see the back of it. Don’t get me wrong I love a dance and a pill as much as the next man but I swear to god if I hear or see another dj post “it’s so good to be back” I might just end it all. 

Anyway, here’s the internet…


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