This Week... Strike a Pose!

"I'm the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster."

This Week... Strike a Pose!

"I'm the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster."

How the hell are you?

It's Friday and somewhere on the other side of town Michael Gove is putting on his best gear ahead of a big night on the dancefloor - seriously. He could be anywhere at this rate and it wouldn't surprise me if he popped up down the front of fabric this weekend after having been spotted getting wild and free at a rave in Aberdeen last weekend. I reckon he's probably more into hardcore than techno, from time to time is open and susceptible to a bit of disco when the pills are good  and absolutely doesn't tolerate any of that psy-trance nonsense. That's him alright, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, a rave stallion. 

Meanwhile in other rave related news... A bloke's ashes were fired into the crowd at Creamfields, presumably in time to an absolute face melter of a drop. I mean, each to their own but I'm not sure I'd want to end up being snorted up somebodies nose after my ashes found their way on to a key mid bump... 

In non rave related news New York flooded this week which is pretty scary really. It reminded me of that scene in The Day After Tomorrow when the wolves are all swimming around in the water, you know the bit before they have to burn the bibles to keep warm? Great film...

Oh and lastly, f**king ABBA are back man, how good is that? Here's the internet...


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