"Oh, yeah, nice one..."


"Oh, yeah, nice one..."

"Oh, yeah, nice one..." - Alex Miller

"What do you mean you don't believe in homosexuality? It's not like the Easter Bunny, your belief isn't necessary." - Lea DeLaria

"All disc jockeys are without talent. Noel Edmonds - I can't stand Noel Edmonds." - Paul Merton

So, lots has been happening this week in the wonderful world of odd. There was a crazy football game last night, the crossrail is to be delayed AGAIN, nobody has a clue about Brexit and people have been glueing themselves to trains... All aboard our whirlwind tour of earth this bank holiday weekend... 

Easter is a time of giving, new life and CANS. A long weekend can only mean one thing, CANS. All roads lead to CANS. It's what he would have wanted to be honest. Jesus died for our tins...

Oh and we're all under attack from killer mutant fish. Yes, first it was Brexit now it's Piranhas, they always said that there would be teething problems in an EU departure but this was unprecedented.. 

In an age of subjectivity everything is up for debate and liberal discussion.... People should be able to be who they want, love who they want, identify as they please and live happily ever after... Even if this means that you are 29 years old and planning on marrying a robot with a pink mohawk...


Life hasn't been simple lately, especially not for this guy.. Imagine you realised that you'd wasted all your money buying porn when it's all online for free? What a tit... I'd be bloody sueing my parents too, recoup the loss. 

Meanwhile in Russia... 

Housing remains as shitty as ever too, we struggle and strive for better days but continue to get beat down by the man... and mould. 'shivers'  Oh, the mould... 

Oh and of course it wouldn't be another week on earth without some news on Peggy Gou, she's a rapper now by the way... At least according to the Evening Standard...


Until next time kids, stay safe xoxoxox


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