This Week... Blue Lights over the Harbour!

"The sacred pint alone can unbind the tongue."

This Week... Blue Lights over the Harbour!

"The sacred pint alone can unbind the tongue."

It’s been a funny sort of week really. After what has been a notoriously bleak summer the sun decided to bless us with its presence for a few days before f**king off for the forseeable once again. This in turn lead me on an impromptu trip to Ramsgate to take in the sights, sounds and “culture” of coastal England. 

This was my first time visiting the English seaside and in all honesty it wasn’t that different to the Scottish seaside of which I am more accustomed. There were seagulls, fish and chip shops, ice cream and sandcastles. There were seaside scallys, amusement arcades and cheap cans of Stella aplenty. However, there were dark and ominous undertones to all of this as I sat and watched from the pier as an endless fleet of Border Patrol boats came and went from the harbour. It was a stark reminder of the current circumstances in which we find ‘our’ country - especially in this week of all weeks as Priti Patel *cough Hitler* attempts to breach maritime law and deny entry to refugees in crisis. I mean imagine travelling all that way to be denied ashore by some pompous immigration officer in a trawler, the great shining lights of Ramsgate and it’s magnificent beach front Wetherspoons glimmering in the distance…. These are the end times my friends. 

Anyway, it’s only a few more weeks until you need a vaccine passport to get into the rave. I’m personally not that bothered given that I spent the best part of five years trying to sneak into nightclubs underage. That was the best bit of the night out, perhaps that’s why all these anti vaxxers have really opted out of it. Maybe they’re just seeking that thrill of a meaty bouncer, a shakey hand, a fake ID and those two words… 

“Not tonight.”

Have a good weekend folks…



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