Single Reviews


OK, well this came out a week or so ago, so Ive slept on it a touch– pretty dumb on my part seeing as its come from the Sound Pelligrino, the label responsible for a mini tsunami of tropical fresh dancefloor hits throughout 09. This time the increasingly omnipresent Laidback Luke joins forces with Gina Turner (who Ive honestly never heard of) to turn out the JACK. Between them they offer up an ace slice of bompty house conceived in a sweatsticky warehouse located some mythical place between noughties Holland and eighties Chicago. The tune doesnt piss about too much, instead staying nice and tracky, riding on a pitch perfect 303 bassline that wobbles along just fine until the synth stabs leap out of nowhere in a dirty great popper rush thats 8 parts hands-in-the-air; 2 parts pull-a-techno-face. The whole thing pulls off the tricky task of sounding like classic house with all the shit bits taken out, like watching Stephen Kings It but without the bit where Pennywise turns into a cretinous 70 foot formica cockroach. Oh, and extra marks to the Harvard Bass mix for stripping the track down to a sinuous, jerking bass skeleton… Ian Mcquaid